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“Once again, Carol has achieved extraordinary results due to her heightened understanding of how adults learn and sophisticated facilitation and coaching skills. She is quickly able to fashion highly productive working relationships with a wide variety of individuals and groups. She is able to bridge the gap in both understanding and behavioral change from the classroom to the work setting.”

—Former President, American Medical Association – Chicago, IL

“Carol is a very strong coach, with significant experience in the most challenging of corporate venues. She is wise, intelligent, savvy, and particularly good at keeping tough issues on the table with clients – she doesn’t let them get away with excuses! One of the aspects of Carol’s coaching that I find most compelling is her lack of fear. She is totally willing and able to be with the toughest of clients – no one intimidates her; she let’s no one put her off her brilliance as a coach.”

—President, Leadership Development Consulting firm in Oregon

“The biggest surprise I’ve experienced in having Carol coach me is how some of the seemingly simple changes that I have made in a short period of time have turned out to have much bigger implications for my overall ‘life evolution!’”

—Senior VP Security, Fidelity Investments Western Region

“On a number of projects, Carol has moved me from being in a state of immobility and indecision to a space of being proactive, thus more productive. She possesses a way of shifting my focus from that of trepidation to excitement, bridging the gap to assure forward movement. Carol not only guides me into a more positive direction, but she brings forth a tremendous amount of knowledge of business practice and life experience to help lead the way to enthusiasm and confidence.”

—President, My Personal Secretary – Fountain Hills, AZ

“Carol provided insightful guidance and leadership that helped me understand more clearly what I needed to do to achieve my career objectives. Carol's depth of business experience and organizational savvy proved to be extremely beneficial to my pursuits. I would recommend Carol to others seeking a professional coaching relationship. She is a first-rate professional and a warm, engaging individual.”

—Sr. VP of Development, Children's Miracle Network – Salt Lake City, UT

“Carol’s business background, as well as her understanding of the academic environment, has enabled her to provide me with a business perspective on running an organization while recognizing the environment in which I work. This business perspective has been valuable. Her coaching on approaching our organization as a business has been very helpful, because I have developed skills that help me support my employees in achieving their best.”

—Executive Director, Genetic Science Learning Center at the University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT


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