Compelling Keynotes

For executive retreats, leadership meetings, and conferences Leadership@Work is pleased to offer dynamic, informative, and inspirational presentations.

Our principals have extensive experience as keynote and motivational speakers. Our numerous presentations at national and regional conferences highlight our capabilities as orators. Early in her career, Carol spent many years in the television industry, where she gained confidence and ease in front of the camera and on the podium as a spokesperson and anchor/host. She has been a spokesperson for numerous industrial films and regional television commercials throughout the past 25 years. She is a dynamic and energetic speaker. Andrea’s style is warm and engaging. She is passionate about individuals growing and developing, and her passion is evident in all of her presentations.

We have spoken in a wide variety of industries and settings, including:


American Medical Association


Business and Professional Women


Society for Human Resource Management


Women in Communication Inc.


International Association of Business Communicators


National Association for Purchasing Managers


American Public Transit Association’s CEO Conference

Our Most Popular Topics:

Don't Try to Teach a Pig to Sing

Have you ever attended a class or workshop to gain a missing skill that someone told you was needed, or to improve your knowledge in an area in which you have little interest? Why? It’s an unfortunate reality that we often look at development in terms of filling the gaps – identifying our weaknesses and doing something to “fix” them, rather than focusing on how to leverage our best.


It’s time to learn how to stop this retro-fitting! In this fascinating and dynamic presentation, we explore the immense opportunities that open up if we begin to concentrate on our strengths and not our weaknesses. We don’t need to repair our limitations in order to excel – actually, just the opposite is true! When we identify our superb talents and gifts – and build more and more opportunities to use them in our lives – we will progress and achieve with great joy and success!



There’s No Such Thing as Time Management

As managers are asked to do more with less and exceed the rising expectations of an increasingly sophisticated customer base, many can feel overwhelmed. All too often we approach work in terms of “putting out fires” by addressing only what is crucial and urgent now. In this informative presentation, discover that the magic of time management is actually in SELF-management. Learn how to prioritize tasks and activities so that you can make your workload reasonable and work on those items that warrant attention in the right time. Implement personal discipline to only undertake those tasks and activities that are pertinent to your own role and strengths. Explore how to better manage your “To-Do” list. Utilize valuable process management and planning tools to speed up your efficiency and minimize the time needed in all your daily activities.



Leading from Authenticity

We believe leadership is an essential topic to all professionals, regardless of whether or not they hold formal leadership roles. We are particularly intrigued by the idea of applying leadership principles to individual contributors, business owners & entrepreneurs, internal and external consultants who serve clients, and people who simply choose to step into a leadership role in their family, their community, or their profession.


In this thought-provoking presentation about values and integrity, we define and illustrate what authentic leadership is and is not. Discover the new essentials of leadership in the 21st century – such as a sense of adventure, taking risks, and serving others – which amend and complement the classic leadership characteristics that include a compelling vision and setting standards of excellence. This energizing and inspiring message will entice audience participants to step more fully into their authentic selves, and be liberated to lead in whatever aspects of their life they desire.



The Hardest Job at Work: Communicating with Others

Communication is the means by which we interact together at work and get things done. Sometimes, however, communication can be ineffective or break down, leading to misunderstanding, bad feelings, and lost productivity. This can spiral into conflict and “melt-down” between individuals and among team members. In this spirited and enlightening session, explore the three crucial skills of communication – asking great questions, advocating your point of view, and listening. Discover how their practical application every day at work can create powerful communication and collaboration with customers, co-workers, vendors – everyone!



Powerful Networking

Having a diverse network of contacts, associates, and customers is essential for success in business. However, many people find networking difficult or unpleasant, and spend little time on effectively reaching out. In this instructive and hands-on presentation discover how to easily build mutually-beneficial relationships with others – the comfortable and natural way! Learn how to capitalize on your own “currencies” as a means of providing value to others, and boost your personal and professional influence by creating your potent “Solid Gold Sound Byte”!



Work / Life Balance: A Leader’s Paradox

The quest for a balanced existence has been a national obsession since the founding fathers proclaimed the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! Unfortunately, many leaders find balance to be elusive at best, in spite of endless attempts to achieve it. As leaders, we experience a paradox of wanting to encourage our employees to work hard – with dedication, commitment, and passion – and yet to work healthy and to maintain a commitment to family and personal life.


How can we expect this balancing act of others when we cannot accomplish it ourselves? In this powerful presentation, you will learn that it IS possible to create and sustain balance; to align your day-to-day choices and actions with your values and passion; to say “No” to time and energy drains; and to support your team members as they attempt to do likewise. The key to life balance is making powerful choices each and every day that support and express you in all the dimensions of your life. Work / Life Balance is an incredibly effective tool for leaders, managers, executives – and those who support them.

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