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Are any of these current TRAINING CHALLENGES true for you and your organization?


Given recent economic trends, has your organization cut its training budget, making it difficult to provide learning opportunities to advance employees’ skills?


As individuals move through their career path in today’s fast-paced business environment, do they struggle because your firm can't spend the time or resources to provide training and preparation to help them be successful?


In light of ever-increasing workloads, is it nearly impossible for employees in your business to pursue training because they can't afford the time away from the job?

If so, we can help! Enjoy the ease and efficiency of learning in our online venue – Express Learning!

Express Learning – Our Online Learning Venue:

Technology CAN make our lives easier, and our Express Learning venue delivers the best training to your employees in the most efficient manner, which translates into real results at the workplace.

Express Learning features two formats:

  1. Live, facilitated webinars; and
  2. Pre-recorded, on-demand modules.

Live Learning – Our Facilitated Webinars Format:

Enjoy our highly-engaging educational experiences that speak to the hearts and minds of today’s learners through immersion in real work-life scenarios and situations. These dynamic, interactive modules feature the benefits of training PLUS coaching.

Each session is 90-120 minutes in duration, conducted via web-based training platform and integrated telephone bridge line. Some topics are offered as stand-alone modules and others are offered as multi-part series. Multi-part modules include homework to apply specific skills back at the workplace, and each subsequent week participants share their experiences and are coached for greater success. This format is one of the best ways for employees to learn and incorporate new skills and behaviors. The benefits?


Expense & Productivity Savings — There are no travel expenses and no out-of-office travel time for participants — it’s as simple as 90 minutes on the phone for each module, much like a scheduled meeting!


Cost Effective — Because it is flexible and easily delivered, this online learning format is priced well below typical classroom training rates.


Customizable — An organization may enroll participants in an existing program, or opt to customize a series and have it delivered “in house,” filled exclusively with its own managers!

On-Demand Learning – Our Pre-Recorded Format:

Learn at the convenience of your own schedule with our On-Demand Learning pre-recorded modules. These are dynamic presentations comprised of recorded live sessions or professionally produced programs that reflect the most current knowledge, strategies, and practices from today’s leaders. Experience the same cost effectiveness and productivity benefits as found in the Live Learning format!

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