On-Site Learning

For those who enjoy the classic format of on-ground learning, our vibrant, in-depth sessions are flexible and can be delivered in two-hour, half-day, full-day, or multi-day formats:

Two-Hour Course: Typically, a two-hour session introduces the topic and its most salient concepts as applied at the workplace.

Half-Day Course: A half-day session provides a solid overview of the topic, a few pertinent techniques or tools for applying principles at the workplace, and some coaching for most participants.

Full/Multi-Day Course: Full-day and multi-day sessions explore the topic in-depth, providing relevant tools, and offer practice time and coaching for more effectively applying the principles and techniques introduced to participants’ own jobs.

All of our learning modules are customizable, and we can design training events based on your current business issues and exact needs. We will work within your budget parameters to bring the best training to your organization at a price your business can afford.

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